Tabitha Simmons ‘Ruby’ red suede sandals

Tabbitha Simmons Ruby red suede sandals with ankle straps

Tabitha Simmons ‘Ruby’, $749

Slim ankle-straps seem to have taken over the site this week. Ah well, I guess it’s definitely the season for them, and while they’ll probably never be my favourite shoe feature (I have comfort issues with ankle straps more often than anything else), they do work well with most of the shoes I’ve been showcasing this week, so I’m not complaining.

These ‘Ruby’ sandals are by Tabitha Simmons, and although the main feature is the giant bow on the toe, the oversized stitching on the trim is the thing that made me want to stop and take a closer look at these. It’s an interesting effect, and, combined with the scalloped edges of the vamp and  ankle strap, makes these a little more elaborate than they’d have looked without it.

As for that embellishment, well, I guess it’s a great option for those who want to wear sandals but don’t love having their toes exposed to the world! The bow is large enough that it covers most of the front of the shoe, making these “peep” toes in the truest sense of the term!

These are currently on sale at Barney’s, so if you love them, you probably won’t want to wait too long before buying them.

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