River Island black studded ankle boots

studded ankle boots

River Island studded ankle boots, £120

Studded ankle boots are possibly my very favourite kind of ankle boots. Like a bow on a peep toe, I always think studs are an easy, but highly effective, way to add interest to what can be – let’s face it – one of the more boring footwear styles out there.

Luckily, a lot of designers seem to agree with me, and this season I’ve found more than enough studded style to keep me happy. As it happens, quite a few of those have come from River Island, too: studs are something of a speciality of there’s, and while I’m still holding out for the studded Pigalle-a-likes which are currently available, I’m also very keen on these studded ankle boots, which also use one of my other current favourite looks: the captoe.

As well as being fashionable right now (if that matters to you, of course), the fact that these boots have kept the gold studs restricted to a relatively small area helps make them a little more wearable, without really detracting much from the look. You still get the impression of a whole lot of studs, but without… well, without the whole lot of studs, basically. This is the kind of feature for which a little goes a long way, and although an all-over studded look would be pretty awesome, as far as I’m concerned, it might be a little harder to wear day to day.

Studs aside, these ankle boots have a very high stiletto heel, which comes in at just under 6 inches: don’t worry, though, there’s also a concealed platform. They have real leather uppers, and fasten with a zip at the side of the foot, and are just one of a few pairs of River Island shoes I’m coveting right now, so keep an eye out for more of them appearing here soon!

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