Studded shoes from Zara: vamp shoe with studded heel

studded shoes

studded shoes: heel view

Zara studded shoes

Studded shoes, £69,99

Earlier today I wrote about River Island’s studded ankle boots, and it obviously must have put me in the mood for studded shoes (Yeah, I know: when am I ever NOT in the mood for studded shoes? Good point.) because now here I am with another studded offering, this time from Zara.

As with the River Island boots, these shoes approach studding in a fairly subtle kind of way. Yes, the studs cover the entirety of the upper and the heel, but they’re small and rather delicate looking, and the pale pink fabric underneath helps to create a fairly “soft” impression: and one which is totally reversed when you take a closer look at notice the sharp little spikes sitting atop that innocent pastel upper.

These shoes have a very classic shape, with a d’orsay cut uppper and a sweetheart vamp. The heel is 11cm/4.3″, which I think is about as high as you want to go without the benefit of a platform to balance things out and make them easier to walk in.

Just like the last pair of Zara shoes I showed you,a couple of weeks ago, I actually scrolled past these a few times without giving them much of a second thought. They’re the kind of shoes which are easy to miss when you’re seeing them from a distance, and which deserve a closer look to be appreciated properly. The images above were more than enough to convince me that I really like these, and would happily wear a pair, but I have a feeling they’ll be even better in real life, so I’ve made a mental note to try to check them out next time I’m near a Zara store. I’ve also made a mental note to thank Zara for not opening one of those stores near me: I think the shoe section would probably have ruined me by now!

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