Refresh ‘Barbe’ floral print canvas wedges

floral canvas wedges

Refresh ‘Barbe’ floral print canvas wedges, £33.99

These shoes are available as both wedges and as ballet flats. I had a hard time picking between the two, but as canvas wedges are one of the style that made it onto my “must have shoes” list, I decided the wedges were the ones I’d go for if I had to narrow it down. As it happens, though, you might not have to choose between them at all: these shoes are so affordable you just might decide to go for both, although as each style is available in a range of different uppers, you’ll have even more choices ahead if you if you do! Luckily, these are exactly the kind of decisions a shoe addict relishes, so I’m sure it’ll be no hardship!

As for me, I had no trouble at all picking out this sky blue upper, with its pretty floral print: they’re my favourites by far, and I think the colours would work really well with most of the spring pastels that are round at the moment. These have hints of green, coral and white, as well as the blue, and any of those shades will work with these, as will plenty of others. The shape, meanwhile, is pretty standard for the canvas wedge: the heel is just high enough to elongate the leg, and provide a bit of extra height if you feel you need it, while still being really comfortable to walk on: one of the main reasons these are such a shoe closet essential for me!

What to wear with floral wedges?

These are the kind of shoes I get most use out of on a summer vacation, and I’ve put together this outfit with that in mind: it’s the kind of laid-back look you might wear for a day at the beach, or something equally casual: don’t forget the sunscreen!

beach outfit

shorts // t-shirt // hat // bikini top // bag // sunscreen // sunglasses


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