RED Valentino pink bow-front peep toes

RED Valentino pink bow-front peep toes

RED Valentino pink bow-front peep toes, £160

Uh-oh. These shoes are sold out in all but one size. Ordinarily this would be a tragedy of shoeper proportions, but it just so happens that the one size left is a size 4: MY SIZE, in other words. This could be dangerous.

Just to make matters worse, at £160, these are expensive, but not SO expensive I couldn’t talk myself into them if I tried hard enough, and convinced myself I really couldn’t live without them. Unfortunately, doing that would mean I’d also have to leave home, because for some reason, pink peep toes aren’t on ShoeperMan’s “can’t live without” list, but it was a nice dream while it lasted.

If you’re not a size 4, however, don’t despair: the pink leather version of these is also almost sold out, but there are still plenty of pairs left in black and white, both of which are pretty, but a little less sugary-sweet than this baby pink version. Nevertheless, it’s the baby pink that I love, although the curved sides of these shoes would make them appeal to me whatever the colour. The studded bow, meanwhile, is just the icing on the cake: the perfect shape, and with the studs helping to really make it stand out.

What to wear with baby pink bow shoes?

what to wear with pink shoes

pleated skirt // pastel sweater // structured jacket // bag 

I love the colours and shape of this Topshop skirt, but the combination of florals and pleats can look a little bit matronly if you’re not careful, so I’ve attempted to toughen the look up a little with a structured jacket and an additional dose of studs. There’s no point in even pretending that this could be anything other than a very “girlie” look, though: pastels and bows will tend to do that!


  • I love that bow. It is just the right shape (I love how it’s not a “typical” bow but has a little bit of an element of surprise with how it is twisted over itself), just the right size and I love the studs. Basically I wish everything would have studs on it (or studded bows, even better). I love the bag too but I wouldn’t wear them together, something about pyramid studs and rounds studs together just feels a little clashy to me. But I love it on its own.

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