Marks & Spencer spearmint ankle strap sandals

Marks & Spencer spearmint ankle strap sandals Marks & Spencer spearmint ankle strap sandals

Marks & Spencer spearmint ankle strap sandals, £29.50

These shoes come in both spearmint and yellow, which made it hard for me to choose between them, because they’re both colours I love (not to mention being colours that work really well together.)

Marks & Spencer is one of those brands I have a tendency to forget about when I’m looking for shoes, which is a shame, because they’ve done a lot in recent years to shake off the “old lady” image that had dogged them for years, and I think the hard work has paid off. The brand has released their fair share of covetable, fashionable pieces recently (THAT pink coat from the winter 2013 collection springs to mind…), and these shoes are just one of them.

As far as the shoes go, I love the colour (both of them), and I love the low-cut vamp. I’m less keen on the ankle-strap, but that’s really a personal preference: as the owner of a long torso and short legs, I’ll almost always choose shoes without an ankle strap rather than shoes WITH one (that strap makes my legs look even shorter, which is the last thing I need…), but I do think it works well on these. The heel, meanwhile, is one of those fancy ones, which will allow these to work just as well for evening as they will during the day. Most surprising of all, these are technically “comfort” shoes, using ‘Insolia’ technology to make sure your weight is distributed evenly, despite the fact that it’s balanced on a slim stiletto heel. When I think of “comfort” shoes, this generally ISN’T the kind of thing that comes to mind, so top marks to M&S for that, too!

What to wear with spearmint shoes?

spearmint shoes outfit

trousers // top // bag // sunglasses // bracelet 

I’ve had these trousers bookmarked for a while now, and now the t-shirt from this look is joining them on my wish list. Fashion blogging sure is an expensive career choice sometimes!





  • I like these, I think the heel is very interesting and they have a nice color. I think it’s great that these are comfort shoes and tat no one could tell:) I love that bag you chose, so cute. I could never afford it but it’s great as an inspiration piece (I have bags in all colors but I don’t have a white one and had yet to see a white one that I would REALLY like until now).

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