Dune’s ‘Merry’ floral wedges: bright enough for ya?

dune-merry-wedgesWe spoke about the trend for super-high wedges last week, and here’s another example of that trend in action, in the shape of Dune’s ‘Merry’ wedges. And what a shape it is! I’m not sure exactly how high that wedge heel is, but those who aren’t used to heels are probably getting vertigo just from looking at it, and let’s face it, with all of those colours in the floral-print sole, it’s hard to do anything BUT look at it, isn’t it?

Love them or hate them, these shoes will be definite head-turners, and they even do matching handbags, if you like the print. They’re available in blue and pink, and they’re £56 from Dune.


  • Good lord where are my dark glasses? (Thankfully I appear to have regained the ability to speak in full sentences). Also: why is every single ad here showing me Louboutins? Do you have someone stalking me? 🙂

  • Hmmm, I actually quite like them. The shape is very elegant, so it contrasts the bright colors nicely. I think they could look very pretty with the right outfit.

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