Shoeper Style | Coast ‘Rita’ full floral skirt

Coast Rita skirt

Coast ‘Rita’ full midi skirt, £125

In my last post, I talked a bit about how awesome this season has been for those of us with a thing for retro-inspired fashion: and particularly for full skirts, which are absolutely EVERYWHERE right now.

To be completely honest, though, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword when something that’s so much a part of your personal style becomes super-fashionable. On the plus side, it’s so refreshing to be able to find clothes you love, without having to trawl eBay for them, or go to specialist brands, which are often quite expensive. Over the years, I’ve spent more time than I like to think of hunting for specific items (full skirts included), which just weren’t to be found, so I’ve been really enjoying being ale to go to my favourite high street brands, and find clothes I absolutely love.

On the other hand, though, boy does it get expensive. Temptation is constantly being put in my way right now, and this skirt is a case in point. It popped up on my Facebook feed last night, and I immediately wanted to reach through the screen and pet it. This skirt is just pure perfection, from the mint green fabric, to the pretty floral print, to the built-in tulle underskirt, for that exaggerated effect that makes you feel like a princess. It’s also £125, which is that really dangerous price point: too expensive to easily justify (or to buy without having to sacrifice something else), but not SO expensive that it’s totally out of my price-league, and therefore instantly forgotten. It’s torture, in other words.

This is just one of a few amazing skirts and dresses which Coast have in stock at the moment. Here’s how I’d style it:

coast rita skirt

How to wear a midi skirt:

♥  Diane Von Furstenberg shoes   ♥  Nina clutch bag  ♥  Lipsy top ♥  Coast necklace


  • I totally agree with you on the dangerous price point range being just beyond a “easily justified” price. Those are the items that when I wait for them to go on sale but they sell out instead, I just kick myself for losing the opportunity to have it! (Even though in the end that’s better for my wallet… that is never much consolation, is it?)

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