Shoeper Shopping | The Stripe Prom Dress of Dreams

stripe prom dress

I’m only exaggerating very, very slightly when I tell you that NOT buying this dress is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Even harder than that time I went on a rollercoaster, even although I’m absolutely terrified of roller coasters, and… yeah, that’s a whole other story, really.

Today’s story, however, is much less scary, but only slightly less disappointing, because this is basically the most PERFECT dress I’ve seen in months… and I just can’t afford it. Even if I could, I’d be silly to buy it, because I have an expensive few weeks coming up (Why do so many people have to have birthdays all at the same time?), and a shopping list of things I NEED (as opposed to things I just really, really want) as long as my arm. Longer, even. Buying this dress would make absolutely no sense at all, under the circumstances, and yet, as I type this, the dress is sitting in my shopping basket, and I’m having to talk myself out of buying it.

I just can’t help myself when it comes to stripes, though: whether they’re on t-shirts, sweaters or – as in this case – prom dresses, they never fail to trigger my Shoeper Radar, and leave me feeling like I just can’t live without whatever it is they’re attached to. I know I can, however, and I also know I SHOULD: I’m on a real mission to shop more sensibly right now, and this dress would be bot at ALL sensible…. which is why I’m showing it to you now. I need you all to go forth and buy this dress, ShoeperWomen. Do it for me. Do it so the dress sells out, and I can’t buy it, even if I manage to talk myself into it. And if you don’t want to do it for me, then do it for the dress itself: such a gorgeous item deserves to be worn, after all – don’t you think?

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  • Ugh, this dress is the worst kind of too expensive, because it’s not ‘can’t pay my rent’ expensive, but it is too expensive to be that little treat you get yourself for not drinking wine last night or surviving a crap week. I clicked through hoping it would be Kate spade or something, now I’m all ‘Well if I just put a little bit less in my savings this month……!’ I feel your pain! Stay strong!

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