Shoeper Shopping: Spring stripes at ASOS

Spring is my favourite season for clothes: it’s (hopefully) warm enough for bare legs/arms, which means I can dust off all of my favourite dresses after the long winter, but it’s normally cool enough for trench coats and blazers, too, which are two of the only pieces of outerwear I actually want to wear (as opposed to being forced to wear them purely to keep warm).

A good season for clothes, however, means a bad season for my bank account, and this year is proving no different. I’ve already had this stripe skirt in and out of my basket a few times this morning, for instance, and, as I write this, I haven’t even finished my first coffee of the day yet…

cream and pink stripe midi prom skirt

I already have a few stripe prom skirts (although none in this particular colour!), but at least that means I know I’d actually wear this, and at just £35, it’s very, very tempting Almost too tempting, actually. I’m going to have to look away from the screen now, in fact…

Stripes always scream “spring” to me, but this dress is a little more classically “nautical” in style, thanks to the blue and white colours:

blue and white stripe midi dress

This looks like such an easy little dress to wear, and is the kind of thing I can easily see becoming a closet staple – well, for me, at least. I think it’s hard to wrong with a blue and white stripe, and it’s a combination I often find myself reaching for at this time of year.

Finally, for a slightly different style of stripe, I also love this dress:

asos stripe midi dress

The double-layer top is something a little bit different, and the red and white stripe is such a fresh look for spring, don’t you think? I, of course, would wear it with a pair of red heels, rather than the brown sandals shown here, but then again, I wear pretty much EVERYTHING with a pair of red heels, so don’t mind me…

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