Chi Chi London Wish List

I give you fair warning: this post is basically just going to be dress porn. Well, dress and skirt porn, anyway:

green broderie skirt and top

Chi Chi London Polli skirt

This little set is by Chi Chi London, who are one of my very favourite dress brands. Their style is feminine and romantic, and they’re a brand that clearly shares my love of very full skirts (I can tell you from experience that you’ll never need to wear a petticoat with a Chi Chi London skirt or dress – they just look like that aaaallll the time!), so what’s not to love? This skirt and top are so fresh and summery that even although the thought of flashing my midriff gives me palpitations, I can’t help but love the look, and wish I could justify buying them both!

Speaking of things I’d have a lot of trouble justifying:

Chi Chi London Amber dress

Chi Chi London ‘Amber’ dress

I’ve had my eye on this dress for absolutely ages now (It helps that it just-so-happens to be named after me!), and I think I’m destined to spend the rest of my life cursing the fact that I didn’t just buy it when I first came across it, because it’s now sold out in my size: boo!

This one, meanwhile, IS still available, but only just – and I have a feeling it’ll probably be sold out by the time you read this:

Chi Chi London Rach dress

Chi Chi London ‘Rach’ dress

I’ve spent way too much time already this year wishing one of my friends would get married, just so I’d have an excuse to buy this. So far, they’ve all been holding out on me (And seriously, isn’t it just so selfish of them to not enter into a lifelong commitment, just so I can wear a pretty dress? You just can’t get the staff these days, can you?), but one day I’ll have a reason to wear this dress: here’s hoping it’s still available when that day comes!

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