Shoe of the Day | Minna Parikka ‘Daisy Red’ bow pumps

Minna Parikka 'Daisy Red' bow pumps

Minna Parikka ‘Daisy Red’ bow pumps, 295 EUR

MInna Parikka’s website contains some absolute gems of shoes this season. I’ll be showing you some of them over the next few weeks, but I’m starting off with my absolute favourites: these ‘Daisy Red’ bow pumps. Aren’t they fabulous?

They may be called ‘Daisy Red’, but the colour of the upper is a shade I always think of as ‘cherry red’, and it’s probably my favourite red of all. (Fun fact: I once had an eBay store called ‘Cherry Red’ – I guess that tells you how much I like the colour!) It works particularly well on shoes, and, actually, although I’ve described these as “bow pumps” in the title of this post, the more I look at the “bow”, the more I think it looks like two cherries: what do you reckon?

Cherries or bows, the look is a little bit “pin up girl”, and just the right side of cartoonish. These are the kind of shoes that will make people stare, and which you’ll end up building entire outfits around, rather than choosing the shoes to go with the outfit. Not that they’ll be difficult to style, mind you: the bow/cherry detail may be statement-making in itself, but the colour is one that will prove more versatile than you might think.

outfit featuring red shoes and floral skirt

top / skirt / headband / nail polish 

For this outfit, I choose to use the red shoes as a bright accent colour against this off-white skirt and top. There’s a bit of red in the floral pattern on the skirt too, which is picked up in the accessories, but as I’ve said many times, I consider red shoes to be a “neutral” (For me, anyway), so I’m sure I wouldn’t run out of ways to style these, if I was lucky enough to own a pair.

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