Shoe of the Day | Topshop ‘Villa’ pale blue grossgrain bow flats

Topshop 'Villa' pale blue grossgrain bow flats

Topshop ‘Villa’ pale blue grossgrain bow flats, £18

With their pale, grossgrain upper, I’m not sure how hard-wearing these shoes would turn out to be: in fact, to be perfectly honest with you, they’re the kind of flats I’d probably end up wearing around the house, because I’d be scared to take them outdoors and ruin them!

For those of you who live in a drier/kinder climate, however, these are super-cute, and will be a cheap n’ cheerful way to add a bit of fun to your more basic outfits. I also think the grossgrain upper gives them a bit of a “special occasion” feel, somehow – they’d make a lovely “something blue” for the bride on a budget, or they’d also work as bridesmaid shoes, too: with the added benefit of being able to wear them afterwards too, if you wanted to!

Best of all, these are just £18 – which might make them a little too tempting to just add to my basket the next time I’m shopping at Topshop!

outfit featuring white dress and blue flats

dress / cardigan / bag / watch 

This outfit is almost too sweet to be wholesome, and will be way too matchy-matchy for some tastes. I’ve never been one to actively avoid the “matchy” look, though, and if you really object to it, you can easily switch the cardigan out for a completely different colour. One of the best things about white dresses, which are one of my favourite summer looks, is that they really do go with absolutely everything, and provide a nice, neutral backdrop which will allow your shoes to shine – even when they’re just a simple pair of flats!

I also think the colour of the shoes themselves should be pretty versatile. One of my favourite ways to wear baby blue is with another pastel shade – pink or lemon spring to mind – but they’ll also contrast nicely with black or navy, if you’d rather go for something a little darker.

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