Celebrity Shoes: Elle Macpherson in Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lucifer’ spike bow pumps

These possibly wouldn’t be most women’s choice of footwear for the morning school run, but then again, most women aren’t Elle Macpherson, and I’m going to hazard a guess that she probably didn’t have to worry about having to walk very far in them. I really hope not, anyway, because that’s a five inch heel with no platform: I have only one pair of shoes with those exact dimensions in my collection, and even I, shoe superhero that I am, can barely walk in them.

These are Christian Louboutin’s spiked ‘Lucifer’ pumps, and they retail for $995. The Shoemeister’s spiky styles don’t tend to find much favour with my readers, but I adore them, and think this particular pair is just prickly perfection.

And what did Elle wear with her Loubs? Take a look under the jump to find out!

Super-skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. And she looks gorgeous.

[Images: PRPhotos.com]


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