New and used meat processing machines – the best devices on the market only in ERY Food

The demanding market for processing meat and other food products requires that plant owners have modern, reliable equipment in their facilities. The most important thing is always the quality of the product, and this can be achieved using the latest technology.

New and used meat processing machines

We are a professional company that has a lot of experience in selling, buying and also servicing butcher machines of various types, therefore we are well aware of the challenges faced by owners of food processing plants. Using the knowledge we have gained over the years, we have prepared an offer of reliable machines of various types. We encourage you to check our offer and choose the model that meets your requirements

Modern vacuum meat stuffers – excellent devices for stuffing and portioning meats

Professional vacuum meat stuffers are the best choice if you need reliable equipment for stuffing and portioning meat. These machines provide high productivity and ultra-fast portioning while guaranteeing maximum stuffing tenderness and precision. It is the perfect device for producing high quality sausages. It can definitely accelerate such a process by precise and efficient stuffing dosage inside the casings. 

On ERY Food Machinery we offer only  high-class vacuum stuffers from renowned producers such as Handtmann, Dadaux or Vemag. They are made of the highest quality materials, which makes them extremely durable. The use of the latest technology makes them extremely intuitive and safe to use. In combination with modern vacuum tumblers allows you to very accurately make the massaged meat flexible without destroying its structure, you will get an excellent production line for meat products.

Professional meat grinders – effective food mincing

Modern meat grinders are devices that are perfect for various types of butcher shops and other plants where food processing and production takes place. They are used for grinding various types of frozen, raw and cooked meat, as well as cheese, fish, and other food products. We address our offer to a very wide range of customers thanks to the large selection of models differ in size, power, and capacity. 

Full offer of ERY Food online shop –  the highest quality of service

ERY Food Machinery also offers other specialized butcher equipment such as: vacuum packing machines, separators, skinners, dicers, meat grinders, mixers, bowl choppers, forming machines, clippers, slicers, and weighers. 

If you have already decided on a particular model – we can acquire new or used equipment directly from trusted suppliers. We supervise the whole process ourselves on yours behalf, providing an excellent inspection, getting you the best possible price and afterwards ensuring excellent servicing. We are convinced that the vacuum stuffers and other meat processing machines from our assortment will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We encourage you to take a look at our full offer – ERY Food Machinery.

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