6 Biker jackets to wear with everything

red leather biker jacket

September marks the start of biker jacket season for me.

It’s not a very long season, unfortunately: unless the summer is particularly cold, or the winter unseasonably warm, biker jackets are most suitable for spring and autumn around here – which is a shame, because I’d wear one every day, if I possibly could.

Such is the levels of my obsession, in fact, that it’s strange to think that it only really started around this time last year, when I discovered the perfect black leather jacket hanging on a rail in Zara, bought it, and then rarely took it off for the rest of the year: well, not unless I was wearing the dark green biker jacket I ALSO own, that is. Why the obsession? Well, biker jackets are one of those items that just work, as far as I’m concerned: they look great with trousers and jeans, but they look almost as good thrown over a dress or skirt – and if you can find the right fit (which, for me, means cropped to the waist, and very fitted), they’re particularly useful to wear with full skirts, of which I own far too many.

This season, the trusty black biker jacket is still around, but brighter colours are slowly starting to take over. The blue Mango jacket in the image below. for instance, also comes in bright green, off-white and shiny bronze, while I’ve spotted jackets in bright yellow and baby blue on Zara’s sale rails – and have cursed myself for not buying them. These brighter colours might seem less practical than the good ol’ black or tan versions we’re used to (and which I’ve also included in the image), but picture them with black jeans or a simple dress, and you just might start to see the appeal.

What do you think of them?

6 biker jackets to wear with everything

Clockwise from top: Mango zipped biker jacket;  Zara mint green biker jacket  ;  Mango red biker jacket

River Island black biker jacket; Somerset by Alice Temperley dusty blue biker jacket; Miss Selfridge tan faux leather biker jacket



  • My favourite biker jacket is an oddly rare combination of faux suede in a pale, neutral taupey grey. It’s awesome. It goes with everything but as it’s not too dark it doesn’t make me feel too wintery and it’s spring-y while being a very practical colour. Love it to death.

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