Red orchid corsage shoes from Karen Millen

Red shoes with orchid on heel by Karen Millen

These are possibly a bit much. Very slightly OTT. I mean, with a corsage that big, you’ll never have to wonder whether anyone’s noticed your shoes yet, will you? But maybe that’s your aim? To wear a totally extravagant, can’t-be-ignored, show-stopping pair of red heels? If so, here they are: they’re by Karen Millen, they’re £140, and you can click here to buy them.

What do you think of these, though? Is the corsage too large, or is it just right? Personally I think these would have to be worn with something very simple: not just to allow them to stand out in the way they deserve, but because too many fussy details with a shoe like these could just be overwhelming. It’d be a classic, plain-cut dress for me, then, but what would you wear with them?


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