Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede point toe pumps

Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede point toe pumps

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Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede point toe pumps, £575

I’ve been writing about footwear for years now – YEARS – but still I have to resist making some kind of reference to Elvis every time I feature a pair of blue suede shoes. Is it just me? Are you humming that song now? My apologies, if so. These definitely aren’t the kind of shoes you’d want to let anyone step on, though (Aaaand there it is!): not just because they’ll cost £575 to replace, but because, well, LOOK at them. Gorgeous, huh?

Shoes with more than one strap are normally too fussy for my tastes (Hell, shoes with even ONE strap are normally too fussy for my taste!), but these ones are so lovely they’ve completely won me over. (And I’m not the only one, by the looks of it: these are in low stock in all sizes, so you don’t want to take too long to make up your mind about them…) That bright blue colour would be a stunning addition to any shoe, but it’s particularly striking on this one, with its low vamp, pointed toe and cut-out heel. While I love this colour to look at, I find it a tough one to actually wear on a shoe, because it draws the eye right to your feet: for that reason, I think it’s as shade that works best on a fairly delicate shoe than on a chunky platform, which will make your feet even MORE the focus of attention. (That’s not always a bad thing when it comes to shoes, obviously, but I find this shade can make my feet look out of proportion to the rest of me!)

blue shoes outfit

♥  Coast dress ♥  Phillip Lim handbag  ♥  Burberry trench 

Another way to stop the brightly coloured shoes from dominating the look is to balance the colour out somewhere else in the outfit, which is why I’ve styled these with a dress which has a matching belt. Of course, I’m guessing that belt is removable, so if you’re someone who cringes at the thought of your belt matching your shoes (or if you just want to wear the dress with something else), you can easily switch it, and create a different look altogether.

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  • The book I am reading at the moment features Elvis. As a vampire.

    The colour of these shoes is lovely, but too many straps make them unpractical for me.

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