Viktor & Rolf gold high heel pumps

viktor & rolf gold high heel pumps

It’s not often I come across a Viktor & Rolf shoe that comes close to being Shoe Kryptonite, but folks, this is that shoe.

With the inward-curving heel giving just a touch of the “edgy” style that V&R are known for to a very classic style, these shoes are true show-stoppers. Add a gold leather upper, and they also become very versatile: I’ve spoken before about how gold is one of my “neutrals”, and the couple of pairs of gold shoes in my collection (Note to self: buy more gold shoes) bear this out, because they’re the shoes I reach for most often when I’m having one of those “what will I wear?” moments.

I think these shoes could be the same, if I was lucky enough to own them. I can imagine wearing them with everything from fancy dresses to scruffy jeans, and at 4.5″ with a 1″ platform, they’re actually lower – and hence easier to walk in – than they look, too.

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  • I would buy these in a heart beat. Unless they cost eleventy million dollars. Even then I’d still consider it.

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