Topshop Lillie cherry trim sandals

Topshop Lillie red cherry trim sandals

Are you feeling festive?

I’m not.

I’m always in the mood to look at shoes, though, so I’m willing to overlook the fact that Topshop’s ‘Lillie’ sandals have a rather “Christmassy” feel to me (must be the combination of red, velvet and the berries on the top), and focus on some of the other design elements instead. Like those gold heels, for instance:

gold high heelsLove  them.

If these are just a little too “Mrs Christmas” for you, though, here’s a black and green version, which tones things down slightly:

black sandals with green heelsThese have a lucite heel, which normally wouldn’t appeal to me, but I actually quite like this one:

green lucite heelsWhat do you think?

These are £65, and you can buy both pairs at Topshop: click here to do it!


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