Buffalo navy blue calf-length boots

navy boots with buckles

These boots are far from my usual style, so it may come as a bit of a suprise to hear that I absolutely love these – so much so that if my size wasn’t sold out, they’d probably be en route to me right now.

And why do I love them so much? Well, for one thing, they’re navy, and it’s so unusual to find navy boots of any kind that they’d be worth buying for that reason alone. And for another… well, when I’m not wearing my usual little dresses and high-heeled shoes, I sometimes like to entertain the idea that in another life I could’ve been a bit of a rock chick, and worn boots with buckles and maybe some skinny leather pants. OK, maybe not the pants. I would wear these, though, if I possibly could: if you would too, they’re by Buffalo, they’re £102, and you can click here to buy them!

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