Pink ankle boots: Gucci ‘Gloria’ patent ankle boots

pink ankle boots

Pink ankle boots by Gucci, £535.90

If Barbie wore ankle boots, I’m pretty sure these are the ones she’d go for. In fact, I’m pretty sure my Barbie DID wear these ankle boots – or ones just like them, in any case.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about these boots, partly because I think the photo speaks for itself really, but also because I can’t seem to talk about shoes this colour without mentioning Barbie, and I think I’ve said pretty much everything I’ll ever need to say on the subject of Barbie. Which isn’t much, to be honest. I will simply add, then, that if you’re not down with the Elle Woods look, these also come in cobalt blue. No one could possibly accuse Gucci of being boring here, could they?

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  • Barbie would certainly wear these. And then, so would someone else. Mollie (in Seattle) might give them a go, too. On the right girl at the right time, these could totally work.

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