Steve Madden ‘Prechis’ platform bow court shoes

I know I’m always having a go at Steve Madden for copying other designers, but let it be known that his spelling never fails to annoy me either. Let it also be known, however, that I would be willing to overlook almost any shoe-related crime, if I could just have a pair of these ‘Prechis’ pumps. In pale pink, please. And, actually, while we’re on the subject, also in raspberry suede:

I know they’re not the most exciting or original design out there (in fact, every time I feature Steve Madden, I can’t help but wonder who’s being copied this time), but to me? Total kryptonite. They render me helpless to resist. I would dye my hair blue for a pair. (Note: no I wouldn’t.)

Happily for my bank account, although you can buy Steve Madden shoes here in the UK (Amazon and ASOS stock some lines), I haven’t seen this particular pair over here, and while I could order from the Steve Madden website, the shipping costs and import duties make the cost  prohibitive, so I’m probably safe for now. Although, there IS always eBay, isn’t there? Do you want to all just talk amongst yourselves for a while? I have something I need to search for…

(Click here to buy these from Steve Madden.)


  • I’m in love with the nudes! Also from the Steve Madden site is the Bossiee (ugh, that makes me twitch), which are very similar but with leather instead of suede (which gives the bow a slightly less “finished” look) and they come in the most gorgeous coral color.

  • I seem to always find Steve Madden shoes marked down at my local TJ Maxx/Marshall’s. Let me know if you want a Shoeperfan to keep eyes peeled, and what your size is, and I’ll see if they crop up!

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