Rene Caovilla lace t-strap sandals

lace t-strap sandals

When it comes to that genre of barely-there, sparkly sandals, of the type that are perfect for weddings, or other very special occasions, Rene Caovilla is hard to beat. These shoes are horrendously expensive, at $1,935, but when you zoom in for a closer look, you soon realise why that is:

lace on shoes

The delicate lacework is dotted with Swarovski crystals, and the overall effect reminds me of drops of dew on a Spring morning, which is a rather ¬†nice mental image. I think these would be gorgeous as wedding shoes, but silver will work with almost anything, of course, which is a good thing in this case: for that kind of price, I’d want to be able to wear them forever!

Rene Caovilla lace t-strap sandals, $1,935
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