Shoe of the Day | Jimmy Choo ‘Lee’ embossed metallic leather sandals

Jimmy Choo 'Lee' embossed metallic leather sandals Jimmy Choo 'Lee' embossed metallic leather sandals

Jimmy Choo ‘Lee’ embossed metallic leather sandals, £525

I’ve had these shoes bookmarked for a few weeks now, but as beautiful as they are (and they really are beautiful, don’t you think?), there’s only so much you can say about gold, strappy sandals, and lately I feel like I’ve said it already. Then, however, I discovered this red dress:

red dress and gold sandals

dress / clutch / nail polish / eyeliner

This is from H&M, of all places, and although I’ve no idea what it’ll be like in real life, in the photo it had a real ‘Jessica Rabbit’ feel to it (So much so that even although red doesn’t really suit me, I was tempted to buy it and put it aside for Halloween!), and was just crying out to be paired with a pair of fabulous gold shoes. Well, no sooner said than done: £500 shoes, £30 dress- done! (Note: at the time of writing, the dress is sold out online: H&M do often re-stock, but if not, you may have more luck in store…)

But back to the shoes…

I’ve always liked red and gold together, hence the outfit above, but I also like green and gold, black and gold, blue and gold, purple and gold… the list goes on. I think the only colour I don’t love with gold shoes is silver (And yes, you CAN mix your metallics – I just personally prefer not to), which is why gold makes such a great choice for an evening shoe, which you won’t have to worry about how to wear.  These have a 5″ stiletto heel, which is balanced out somewhat by the 0.5″ platform: they’re true show-stoppers, and although metallic sandals have a tendency to all look alike after a while, I somehow don’t think I’ll be forgetting these ones in a hurry!

Shoe Specifics: 

♥  5″ stiletto heel
♥ 0.5″ platform
♥ Leather upper
♥ Fit: true to size


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  • OMG! this dress is to die for! I have a wedding to go to this weekend and you might have just solved my dress sourcing nightmare! fingers crossed they have it in store tonight! 🙂

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