Shoe of the Day | Zara yellow high heel bow sandals

Zara yellow suede bow sandals Zara yellow suede bow sandals

Zara yellow suede bow sandals, £59.99

I’ve been showing you a lot of neutrals lately in my Shoe of the Day picks, so today I thought I’d go for a bright splash of colour, in the form of these yellow suede sandals from Zara.

Zara have made sandals like this something of a trademark in recent years: the high, thick ankle, and almost boot-like shape is very “them” somehow. In this case, they haven’t just relied on the bright colour and unusual cut-out details to provide interest, however: they’ve also added a huge, floppy bow to the heel. The overall effect is of a very fun, sunshine-y shoe: I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the colour choice, but these have a cheerful feel to them, and that’s never a bad thing.

I love yellow shoes: although bright, I find the colour almost as versatile as red, and I tend to wear it much the same way – paired with navy, black or white. It’s definitely possible to make yellow work with brighter colours, too (Cobalt blue is one that never fails to make an impact, although you’ll have to be prepared for a few stares – it’s not a look which will easily blend into the background!), but you could also take advantage of the monochrome pieces that are still widely available:

black and white dress with yellow sandals

dress / sunglasses / bag / lipstick 

Using yellow shoes as the single accent colour in a black-and-white outfit is probably the easiest option for styling these, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. This is a fairly “grown up” look, so I’ve added a touch of whimsy with the bag. These will also work with a much more causal look, too – think distressed denim, slouchy tees and structured blazers.

Shoe details:

Heel height: 10.8cm
Upper: 100% leather
Lining: man made

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