Shoe of the Day | Miu Miu two-tone patent-leather Mary Jane pumps

Miu Miu two-tone patent-leather Mary Jane pumps

Miu Miu two-tone patent-leather Mary Jane pumps, £460

Two-tone pumps are one of those shoe styles that never date, and when the two tones in question are nude and black, then so much the better. I have an old pair of Zara pumps which are a similar colour combination, and although I’ve had them for years now, I still wear them fairly often, and they always make the outfits I wear with them feel a little more polished – even when they’re anything but!

These Miu Miu toecap shoes are a far cry from my old Zara pumps, even although the style is essentially the same. This is a formula we’ve seen plenty of times before: a black toecap, a nude upper, a chunky heel… so far, so very familiar. There are a few little details, however, which set these apart: for instance…

01. The use of patent, rather than matte leather – it instantly dresses up the shoe, and makes it feel a little more special.

02. The slim, double-strap across the foot.

03. The two-tone effect on the heel, which makes them look slimmer than they actually are, and creates a really nice contrast.

outfit featuring mint green coat and two-tone shoes

coat / trousers / top / bag 

I always find myself wanting to wear this kind of colour combination with basic black, so that’s what I’ve done here – with the one exception being the mint green coat, which I absolutely love. We may be approaching the end of winter (I certainly hope so, anyway!), but I’m sure there will still be plenty of opportunities to wear something like this!

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  • I can see wearing the rest of the attire, but these Miu Miu Mary Jane Pumps just don’t do it for me. I probably could go with the toe cap, but the look and shape of the heel is a major turn off.

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