Gucci gold mirrored-leather platform sandals

Gucci gold mirrored-leather platform sandals

Gucci gold mirrored-leather platform sandals

Gucci gold mirrored leather platform sandals, £490

These shoes aren’t the kind of thing I’d wear personally. The chunky shape gives them a real 70s-vibe, and I’ve never been a big fan of 70s-inspired fashion, so I’m probably not about to start now.

These are so striking, however, that they almost jumped out of the page at me as I scrolled through Net-a-Porter’s “new in” section yesterday, and I AM a big fan of shoes that have the ability to grab by attention like that, so here they are! Although they’re not totally my style, I do have to appreciate some of the finer points of these shoes: the gold mirrored leather, for instance, is absolutely beautiful, and looks every bit as expensive as it is. That shiny surface makes such a statement that it’s a good thing the rest of the style has been kept so simple – with the addition of Gucci’s trademark horse bit embellishment, of course!

These have a 5.5″ heel with a 1″ platform, so although they look very high (and will probably feel very high in comparison to the non-platform styles that have been so prevalent lately), they should be relatively easy to walk in  – emphasis on “relatively”!

What to wear with mirrored platforms?

I’ve never been one to shy away from the idea of wearing the same colour (or shades of the same colour) top-toe-toe: it’s not a look that everyone loves, but I always think monochrome looks really stand out, and have a lot of impact, which is why I decided to style these shoes with various other shades of gold:

what to wear with mirrored platform shoes

What to wear with mirrored platforms:

skirt // top // bag // ring // watch

I’ve also tried to downplay the 70s-style aspect of these shoes, but you could always go the opposite route, if that’s your style!

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