Dune ‘Blazing’ twisted heel stilettos

purple suede shoes with gold heel red suede shoes with gold heel twisted gold heel on shoe

Dune ‘Blazing’ pumps, £71

I showed you these shoes as par of my Dune preview this summer, but they’ve been available to buy for a few weeks now, and they’re definitely one of the more interesting styles from the winter collection, so I figured it was time to take a closer look.

These are called ‘Blazing”, and as well as the red and purple versions shown here, they’re also available in black. All three colours come with the twisted gold heel, which is supposed to be the focal point of this style, but which I actually think is overshadowed by the vibrant colours used on the uppers. I could take or leave the heel, personally – I do like the contrast of the gold metal against the bright suede, but the twist is perhaps a detail too far for me: I tend to take a “simple is best” approach when it comes to pumps like this! Still, I’m always complaining that even when you like pointed pumps (and I most certainly do), they CAN all start to look the same after a while, so I guess it’s nice to come across a style that’s even a little bit different.

Speaking of “different”, when faced with a choice of shoe colours, I’ll almost always go for red, but this time I think it’s the purple that would sway me in its favour: it’s just such a beautiful shade, and one that I always think is perfect for autumn and winter.

These shoes have just been reduced to £71 from the original £89, and have a suede upper, a man-made sole, and a heel height of just over 4″.

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