Mellow Yellow ‘Oralie’ suede pumps with glitter heel

Mellow Yellow shoes black suede shoes with silver glitter heel

Mellow Yellow ‘Oralie‘, £162.50

Mellow Yellow will definitely go down as one of my favourite shoe brands of 2013. I managed to acquire a couple of their styles this year, and I have my eye on a couple more, too: don’t tell ShoeperMan!

These ‘Oralie’ peep toes are a really nice evening shoe, with the block heel making a nice change from the stilettos I usually associate with glitter. Not only should the wider heel provide a bit of extra stability to the wearer, it also provides a larger surface areas for the glitter, allowing it to stand out even more.

What it stands out AGAINST, of course, is that black suede upper, which has a fabulous curve to it, creating a very dramatic silhouette, which is much sleeker than the thick heel would generally warrant. A think ankle strap finishes off the look, and will probably help keep these on your feet too: well, they do look like the kind of shoes that are designed for dancing in, so every little helps, doesn’t it?

These are £162.50, and are real suede, with leather insoles (I’ve noticed in the past that Mellow Yellow normally uses leather on the soles too, making the shoes feel that bit more luxurious and high quality than some others in this particular price range.), and a 12cm heel, which is actually much higher than I’d assumed from the photo – that heel shape is deceptive! There’s no platform to balance out that height, so you’re probably going to be glad of the ankle strap by the end of the evening!

These are available at Sarenza, but are currently in limited stock, so I guess I’m not the only one who liked them! Don’t despair, though: Sarenza often re-stock sold-out sizes, so if yours isn’t currently available, my best advice is to bookmark the page and check back later – you just never know!

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