Bridal Shoes | Bestey Johnson ‘Blue’ heart front t-bar sandals

betsey johnson wedding shoes

Betsey Jonson 'Blue' heart t-bat shoes Betsey Johnson pink heart front bridal shoes

Betsey Johnson ‘Blue’ bridal shoes, $129.95

These shoes are called ‘Blue’, but they also come in pink and white – go figure.

All three versions would make wonderful bridal/bridesmaid shoes (Something ‘Blue’, anyone?), but the two pastel shades will also be suitable for non-wedding-related activities, although as they’re on the fancy side, you’re probably going to want to keep them for more dressy occasions. Unless, of course, you happen to have a lifestyle which requires you to wear diamanté-embellished heels on a day-to-day basis, in which case, hi, can I be you?

There are lots of things to love about these little shoes. At first glance they’re almost too sweet to be wholesome, and they’ll definitely be way too saccharine for some of you, but the heart-embellished t-strap is very sweet, and the shoe underneath it isn’t bad, either. In fact, I actually think the basic shape of this shoe – not to mention the beautiful satin uppers – is really quite special on its own, so the hearts are just the icing on the wedding cake. Finally, the baby blue sole with its gold heart detail is a lovely little touch, and makes them extra special – it also means that if you’re wearing these as wedding shoes, you won’t ruin your photos by flashing a scruffy old sole!

Wedding shoes = bridal outfit

Now, I DID intend to style these shoes as part of a non-bridal outfit, but I got a little bit carried away, and, well…

outfit featuring knee-length wedding dress and pink bridal shoes

Knee-length wedding dress outfit:

dress // birdcage veil // necklace //  earrings

I mean, I’ve been married for years now, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the occasional browse around the bridal section of certain websites. Anyone else think it’s unfair you only get to have one wedding (Well, most of the time…), when there are so many different outfit options out there? Just me?


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