Azzedine Alaia silver studded platforms

azedina-alaia-platformsThis must be a really difficult time for people who don’t like studs or platforms. Really. I mean, I DO like them, and even I’m starting to think, “Wow, maybe something else for a change, shoe designers? Pretty please?” But nope, much of the fashion world is still firmly entrenched in the “studs with everything” philosophy, and no one more so than Azzedine Alaia, whose studded platforms are shown above.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m reminded of  London’s famous Pearly Kings and Queens:

Pearly King & Queen

And yes, I know the shoes are covered in studs, not pearls, but now that my brain has made the association, I can’t seem to shake it. Sorry, Alaia.

Aedine Alaia studded platform pumps, £1,120


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