Carvela ‘Guest’ satin sandals in pink and black

carvella-guestLooks like Carvela have taken the ruffle trend to new heights: literally.

It really has been the year of the ankle in the shoe world, with almost every style out there having a high, chunky ankle strap added to it at some point. I know this a look a lot of you have hated, feeling that only those with the slimmest possible ankles and calves can pull it off. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, but I do think the look has been taken too far with this particular shoe, which looks vaguely comical to me – for some reason, ruffles like this always look like a moustaches to me, and, well, a moustache isn’t high on the list of things I look for in my shoes.

Anyway, thhat’s just me. If you like these, they’re £110 at Debenhams.


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