Shoe of the Day | Charlotte Olympia ‘Vamp in Bloom’ suede pumps with flower embellishment

Charlotte Olympia Vamp in Bloom suede shoes blue suede high heel shoes with flower embellishment

Charlotte Olympia ‘Vamp in Bloom’ pumps, 665 EUR

These shoes are totally out of season, and will be much more at home on a sunny spring/summer day than right now, on a rainy Wednesday in November. They also just-so-happen to be pure Shoe Kryptonite, though, so who cares if you have to leave them on the shelf for a few months? By the time spring rolls around, you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a free pair of shoes at the back of the closet, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find more than enough opportunities to wear them in the warmer months of the year to make up for neglecting them all winter.

Sadly, these shoes are far from free, at 665 euros (Around £533): that’s really the ONLY downside to them (Well, 533 downsides, to be exact…), and the baby blue suede upper, with its pretty little floral embellishment make them the kind of heels that shoe lovers dream about. (No, literally: we dream about shoes…)  These are surprisingly “conventional” for Charlotte Olympia, but while I always appreciate the brand’s flights of fancy, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on shoes, this would be the kind of design I’d go for, knowing I’d never get tired of looking at them, and would wear them enough to justify the cost.

retro-inspired outfit

dress // gloves //  fascinator // sunglasses 

OK, OK, I probably wouldn’t wear them exactly like this: or not outside of my daydreams, anyway. This isn’t a particularly serious outfit suggestion – well, not unless you’re really into the retro look, or have been invited to a 50s-themed costume party – but I found the dress, and ended up getting a little bit carried away with the whole ‘Hitchcock Heroine’ look. Well, sometimes a girls’ gotta dream, doesn’t she? And, as I said, these are exactly the kind of shoes I like to dream about…

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  • Here I am roaming the interwebs for the inside story on the pastel power shoe and the best offerings come from Shoeperwoman. I love you.
    I may have to put my hair flowers on my office So Tops blue patent courts, or I am going to go off trend quicker than milk in the sunshine…

  • So, I love this shoe aesthetically and in theory, but honestly it looks like someone just took a regular (albeit very nicely made) suede pump, which you can definitely buy for 100 Euros or less, then clipped on a $5 flower barrette from Accessorize. In fact, I know I have seen similar clip-ons specifically for shoes. Not that this is a problem in itself, but it seems somehow disingenuous, esp at this price point.

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