Proenza Schouler sculpted architectural heeled sandals

proenza-schouler-heelsHmm. These heels remind me of something, I’m just not sure what it is. Anyone?

So-called “architectural” heels are another trend we’ve been seeing a whole lot of over the past few years, and Proenza Schouler have been one of the brands who’ve embraced the look wholeheartedly (when their designers aren’t busy fighting off Kiefer Sutherland, obviously).

I like the look of these heels (which doesn’t necessarily mean I’d wear them), but could definitely live without the synthetic fur on the toes. I’ve never met a furry shoe I’ve liked yet, and I’m not about to start with these ones, but if you think you’d like to give them a shot, they’re $799 from Zappos Couture.

BUY: Proenza Schouler sculpted architectural heeled sandals


  • okay. right. why would you create a really sleek, modern, architectural heel…futuristic almost…and then stick the remnants of a fluffy handcuff on the front of it?

    What is it like…business at the back; party in the front? Or just some bizarre homage to my late grandmother’s fluffy slippers?

    This just makes me sad.

  • Well I agree with most of the comments, the heel and shape of the shoe is AMAAAAZING but the muppet carcass laying over my toes is just unattractive. If only it had some amazing laser-cut leather in place of the furry popple. (Speaking of, anybody remember popples?!?)

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