Prada’s champagne and patent slingback sandals with knot detail


Sorry for the lack of posts today, folks: we’ve been having the first really hot day of summer here, and each year when that blessed day arrives, we can guarantee that our internet connection will die. And it did. Seriously, it’s like living in the dark ages, only with reaaaalllly slow dial-up.

Anyway, onto the shoes! Prada went off the rails a little for the past couple of seasons (as far as I’m concerned, anyway), so this shoe is all the more pleasing to me: the nude (they call it “champagne”) uppers are obviously going to appeal, but I also like the knot detail, and the fact that it’ll sit across the bridge of the foot, or a little lower, rather than on the toe, which is where this kind of thing usually ends up on shoes.

Being Prada, though, these aren’t cheap: they’re $620 and you can buy them here.


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