Finsk gold fish scale peep toe stilettto shoes



There’s been a lot of talk recently in the footwear world about how fish skin is the “new leather” and Finsk certainly seem to have embraced that idea with these gold fish skin peep toes. These aren’t something I’d buy personally (and not just because they cost $562), but I have to admit, they’re fantastic to look at. As well as the texture of the striking gold uppers, there’s also a concertina effect heel and high platform: it all sounds a bit too much on paper, but on a shoe that’s designed to be OTT, it works.

What do you think of these?

BUY: Finsk fish scale stilettos, $562


  • I think they would be beautiful if they were shaped like regular high heels, with the same colors and the same materials they are made of now. But I think the square front panels with the open toes are a bit weird.

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