How to make the most of the long weekend at home

how to make the most of the long weekend

I love Easter: it’s my favourite holiday, and although it doesn’t hold any religious significance for me, the fact that its arrival means that winter is finally over is reason enough to celebrate.

This year, because of my recent vacation, Easter has snuck up on me a little, but here are some things I’m planing to do to make the most of the long weekend…


I know I talk about this a lot here, but while cleaning is pretty much therapy for me, and therefore my answer to everything (Feeling stressed? Clean your house! Feeling motivated? Clean your house! Got a problem you can’t solve? Clean your house! And so on and so forth…), but spring is the one time of year when the rest of the world gets on board with my cleaning obsession, and, well, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ spring clean to blow the cobwebs away, is there? It might be traditional to open all your windows and deep clean your home, but for me it’s also a pretty instinctive thing – as soon as the days start to lengthen, I start feeling a bit claustrophobic, and can’t settle down and relax until I’ve de-cluttered and re-organised everything around me. This week, I’ve ordered some large vacuum bags, and am planning a massive closet clearout – because yeah, I really know how to party, don’t I?


As tempting as it is to spend the day at the seaside, or some other kind of “holiday-appropriate” kind of place, you just KNOW everyone else will have the same idea, don’t you? All too often, that relaxing day out ends up being super-stressful if you’re stuck in traffic jam, or battling your way through hoardes of holiday-makers, so a better alternative (for me, at least) is a day at home, doing whatever you feel like doing: no chores, no obligations, just an entire day to chill out and relax – you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to. Even although I work from home, I feel like I rarely get the opportunity to just relax and enjoy my home – or not without feeling guilty, and like I should be doing something else, anyway – so a day without any obligations at all is a real luxury for me, and one that will also allow me to do other things I love, like…

how to make the most of the long weekend without leaving your home


Reading is probably my favourite thing in the world (yes, it even beats shopping), but, like so much else in life, it always seems to get pushed to the bottom of my list of priorities, so I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. A long weekend offers the perfect opportunity to curl up with a good book, though – or maybe two, if I’m REALLY lucky.


Well, you can’t read books ALL day, can you? (Note: yes, you totally can. But if you don’t really want to, a Netflix marathon is just as good…)


I’d love to be one of those women who always has immaculate nails and never a hair out of place, but nah, not going to happen, unfortunately. This weekend I really need to set aside some time to re-do my gel polish, and generally take care of myself: I realise I’m in the minority here, but I’m not really the type of person who enjoys long baths and painting my nails, so I don’t really make the time often enough – thank goodness for long weekends, huh?


Now, I realise I’m making myself sound like the most boring woman alive here, but I’m sure you already worked that out from the fact that I consider organising my closet a “hobby”, so I may as well cement your opinion of me by admitting that the final thing I’m looking forward to doing this weekend is… well, work. Yeah, I know, I know: taking a break is just as important as getting the work done in the first place, but on a day-to-day basis, I spend so much time just trying to keep my head above water that there never seems to be time for all of those projects and ideas I always have bubbling under the surface. Making little tweaks to my website, putting together a media kit, updating my social media profiles… I have what feels like an endless list of things I never seem to get around to, so while I’m not planning to work all weekend – or even most of it – I AM hoping to find some time to tick off some of the items on my To Do list. Just as soon as I’m done with this Neflix binge I’m on…



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