Three Christmas Gift Ideas to Use With Caution

christmas gift ideas not to get someoone

Some people are really easy to shop for, aren’t they?

I’d probably put myself into this category, actually. (Well, I always find it easy to shop for myself, anyway…): there are tons of things I like, and basically any kind of ‘stocking filler’ type gift will generally go down well with me. I think I’m pretty easily pleased, and I’m always grateful for ANYTHING anyone chooses to buy me, but even so, there are certain categories of gift which I think should be used with caution: i.e. only purchased for people you know really, really well. These include…

01. Perfume and skincare

Perfume is often considered a “safe” option as a Christmas gift, but that’s really only the case if you’re absolutely sure the fragrance you’ve chosen is one the person you’re buying for truly love. Perfume is SUCH a personal thing that if you’re going to buy it, I personally think it’s safest to choose a fragrance you know the person already owns and loves: in my case, for instance, I have a certain ‘signature’ scent, and I can never have too many bottles of it: there are also a few other brands that I really, really love – but you’d have to know me pretty well to know what they are.

As for skincare and other makeup products, the main reason I advise exercising caution here is that you just never know how it’s going to react with the person’s skin. Some people have allergies to certain ingredients, or will just react badly to particular products, so unless you know what to avoid, it’s probably best to choose something else.

02. Clothes

If you’re shopping for a fashion-lover, clothes seem like an obvious gift choice, right? Wrong. People who are really into fashion general have very defined taste: they know EXACTLY what they like and don’t like, and they’d probably rather choose what they wear themselves, than have someone else choose for them – and that’s without even getting into the minefield that is sizing. Again, if you know the person well enough to be confident that you can choose something they’re going to love, go for it: if not, however, something like PJs or accessories are still “clothes”, but they’ll be a much safer gift choice.

03. Homewear

As with clothing, home-wear is such a personal thing that it’s often best chosen by the person that will have to live with it. Want a compromise? Go for something like towels or other items that don’t have to be on display all the time, but which can still be very appreciated.

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