Alexander McQueen blue suede skull peep toes

When I think about the shoe embellishments I love, skulls aren’t normally first on the list. Or even second or third.

Somehow, though, when it’s an Alexander McQueen skull, it makes all the difference. The decoration isn’t the only thing I like about these shoes – there’s also the bright blue colour, the row of studs along the sole, the slightly thicker-than-usual heel – but it does help them turn from a lovely pair of shoes into ones with just a little bit of an edge.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty expensive edge at £1,195: click here to buy them.


  • How’re gorgeous, although I think I would love the studs to be a bit smaller.. I love the bright blue together with the skull, why oh why do they have to be so expensive??

  • I don’t like them. Surprisingly, since I usually love all things McQueen. I think it’s the studs that bother me the most, they’re so chunky. Plus, I’m not too keen on the gold either, I would prefer silver. This shoe without the studs and with a silver skull would have been perfection.

  • I love these! I do go for the rock chick vibe and these would just need skinny jeans and a ripped t-shirt for an amazing look. OR you could rock up that LBD! Beautiful…be still my purse!

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