Max Kibardin ‘Franca’ glitter heel sandals

gold glitter heel

Max Kibardin 'Franca' glitter heel sandals

Max Kibardin ‘Franca’, $1,170

Even if I didn’t already have a bit of a soft spot for glitter shoes right now, I don’t think I’d be able to harden my heart against these ones by Max Kibardin. These are the kind of shoes that have instant “wow” factor – and I’m not just talking about the price, here.

With art deco uppers, inset with clear PVC for an “invisible” effect, these are a really nice mix of vintage style and modern design. With a 5.25″ heel and and $1,170 price tag, they’re definitely not your everyday shoes, and that’s kind of a shame really, because when a pair of shoes is this stunning to look at (Not to mention this much of an investment), I know I’d want to wear them on more than an occasional basis.

If you do have a good reason to wear these, though, I don’t think you’d be disappointed in them. They have a sophistication about them that many glitter shoes lack, and an old-fashioned glamour which I can’t help but love. They’re just begging to be worn with a beautiful, vintage evening gown, but failing that, they’ll be just as lovely with more modern pieces, too.

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