Fringed shoes will be big next season

fringed shoes from Topshop

Topshop ‘Geri’ blue fringed shoes, £52

OK, I made the statement in the headline up: I can’t say for sure that fringed shoes will be big next season, but I do know that fringe in general is going to be super-popular, and fringed shoes are, of course, part of the “fringe” look in general, so I think my statement still stands. That’s why I’m showing you these Topshop fringed court shoes, even although I… well, I kinda hate them, to be honest. Actually, I’m not a big fan of fringe on anything (although it can definitely look good if it’s done right), so it looks like the autumn/winter 2015 season is going to be a tough one for me, because that 70s revival I’ve been banging on about since the start of the year? That’s still going strong. In fact, 70s fashion is going to be a HUGE trend for fall 2015, which is presumably what Topshop had in mind when they created these blue fringed shoes.

Anyway, as I said, I wouldn’t wear these personally – in fact, just looking at the photo has me itching to grab a pair of scissors and give them a quick haircut. I’m also imagine the fringes flying out around my heels as I walk, and as I’m not a country music star (although I am really enjoying watching Nashville…), I’m not loving that thought. But that’s just me. The great thing about style is that everyone’s is different, and although I’m basically just planning to hunker down and wait for the 70s revival to be over, I know there are plenty of people out there who love all things 70s, and who also love fringed shoes. If you’re one of them, ‘Geri’ here is also available in black.

What do you think of fringed shoes?


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