Dolce Vita ‘Gemma’ red suede platform ankle boots

While we’re on the subject of bright, suede boots, what does everyone think of these ankle boots, by Dolce Vita?

These are available in both red and black, and come with a 5.25″ heel and 1.5″ platform. Setting aside the colour for a moment, I’m rather liking the shape of these, with their thick heel and platform, and actually, the fact that I DO like them so much is a little surprising to me, because the chunkiness reminds me of Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘Lita’, and all of the otheer chunk platforms it spawned, and which I just can’t get on board with.

You can’t really set the colour of these aside for too long, though, and any discussion of these boots is inevitably going to come back to that bright red suede. There’s a part of me thinking, “Wow!” here, and a part of me thinking “Father Christmas”. I’m trying to stifle that second part, but it WILL keep popping back up again.

What do you think? These are $224 and you can click here to buy them from Shopbop.


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