Madewell ‘The Archive’ tan leather boots

Madewell 'The Archive' tan leather boots

Madewell ‘The Archive’ tan leather boots, $298

A quick peek into my Shopbop wish list for you this morning folks: I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of tan knee boots for a while now, and I’m currently being tempted by these ones by Madewell. No, they’re not the most interesting footwear ever, but then again, boots rarely are, and these would definitely be practical for all of those chilly walks with the dog I have to take at this time of year!

I’m not the biggest fan of flat boots – I always feel a bit clumsy in them, and I suspect they make me look a little bit like a golf club, which is never a good luck. We’re coming into that time of the year when practicality trumps style, though, and I think they could look good with skinny jeans or leggings (and something very warm on top, needless to say). Seeing as we’re on the subject of my Shopbop wish list, here’s a slightly more frivolous item from it:

strawberry clutch bag

This Kate Spade clutch bag isn’t even remotely practical, but it’s all the better for it. I don’t generally go for novelty clothing (they always just look really childish to me), but for some reason I always give a pass to clutch bags, which I think can look whimsical rather than childish, with the right styling. (By which I mean I’d want to pair this with something a little more sophisticated, so it was the ONLY “novelty” item in the outfit). I also like this cardigan, which is down to $56 on sale:

waterfall cardigan

Actually, come to think if it, this would be perfect with the tan boots at the top of the page, wouldn’t it? And nothing says “autumn” quite like chunky knits and knee high boots, after all!

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