‘Sindy’ red and grey suede bow platform peep toes from Topshop

I saw the grey version of these shoes first, and was instantly won over by them. Then I found the red version and, well, it was like Christmas all over again. I mean, what’s not to love about these? They have such a lot of character I almost feel like, if I owned a pair, I’d have to give them a name (other than ‘Sindy’, obviously: they just don’t look like Sindys to me, somehow…), and maybe spend a bit of time each day chatting to them or something. I think it’s the bow that does it: a bow like that just can’t help but make me smile at it:

So cute. So added to my wishlist – in both colours. And I really like the chunky shape of these too – pretty shoes that should be reasonably comfortable: what more could we wish for?

(Click here to buy them for £75)


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