Light green bow sandals from River Island

River Island continues its reign of terror upon my bank account this month (And not just with shoes, I might add: a large number of their dresses have been leading me into temptation, too) with these pale green triple bow sandals. It’s actually been a while since I owned or wore strappy sandals, because I’ve never found them the most comfortable form of footwear in the world, but the lovely colours of these ones could easily change my mind: I’m really loving white dresses at the moment, as I may have mentioned once or twice or twenty times, and these would be so sweet with one.

These are £49.99 and you can click here to buy a pair.


  • They would really look very sweet combined with a white dress, no doubt! Although I liked them, I’m still dreaming of that “sea green” color of the shoes you posted yesterday!!! But these ones are definitely sweet as well!

  • These are so pretty! I could definitely use a pair of these in my shoe collection. I don’t think River Island ship overseas, but I may have to see if they’re available anywhere else…

  • It’s probably a good thing River Island doesn’t deliver to continental Europe, else I’d be 50GBP poorer now… 😉

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