Marian ‘Elseline’ floral pumps in purple and orange

Marian floral pumps

I’m not sure whether you’ll consider this to be good news or bad news, but it looks like this Spring is going to be very, very orange. I’m already seeing quite a lot of the shade popping up in some of my favourite stores, and for me, the news is petty bad. Orange is one of those colours I just can’t wear, so if I DO decide to jump aboard this particular trend, shoes will be the only way I can do it: hence this post about Marian’s bright orange ‘Elseline’ court shoes, which come with a floral upper and a bright, suede finish.

Happily for me, these are also available in purple, which is far easier to wear, and also one of my favourite colours. I do like the orange version, and I’m a big fan of the flowers decorating the toe, but I think I’d probably play it safe with this one, and go for the colour I’d get the most use out of, hot trend or not!

These shoes are £105: what do you think of them?


  • I love the purple ones. LOVE them. Unfortunately, I fall into the same category as you: orange is not an option. Neither are yellows (even gold does me no favors, hence my love of silver.) $160 is a bit steep though, and tacking on shipping would tuck them safely in the “don’t I wish” category.
    On the other hand, I could DIY this with faux flowers and “suede” shoes… I’m thinking bluebonnets and a pair of blue suede pumps.

  • My sister (who knows these things) says orange is great for us redheads. I do like the few pieces in orange tones that I do have, and anyway they’re colour-blocking orange + pink, orange + red, which used to be considered a clash. Clash is the new Harmony, right? And orange and purple actually ARE complimentary, so we’re good to go.

    • It really depends on the person: orange looks horrible on me, but I didn’t mean to imply that would be the case on everyone with my hair colour. Sorry if that’s how it came across – I was only talking about myself!

  • I love both pairs! I would get them both.
    I love heels, but I always have the issue that my husband is only 3 inches taller then me, so I like that these aren’t sky high! (Plus I’m a mom and running after kids in 5 inch heels is just no fun)
    I think Orange is beautiful. It’s so popular with teal/jade colours right now too. These shoes would be perfect with a jade dress and orange necklace I have!

  • I actually LOVE the orange ones!!!!…especially for this SPRING season!!!..
    in all honesty, i want these for a bridal party im in!!!…the colors are grey and tangerine..these shoes will totally be the POP of color we need to liven’ up the grey!!!…so how and where do i get these?!?!?…

  • RE: Marian Elseline floral pumps in purple & orange~
    I am hoping you can help me
    out with a problem I am having, I found these shoes on Pinterest the other day but did not realize the post was dated 2012. Do you know if these shoes are still available? I am in a wedding and THESE are the EXACT colors of our dresses and would be perfect. Could you please tell me where I could find them.
    Thank you,
    Lisa W

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