Zara lace ankle-strap platforms

Zara lace anke strap platform shoes

Zara lace platforms, £59.99

I use the word “curvy” a lot when I’m talking about the shoes I love. I think it’s hard to go wrong with a curvy-sided shoe, though: it’s the kind of feature that instantly makes a shoe much more memorable – and much sexier, too.

These Zara platforms are interesting, not just because of their curves, but because they combine a delicate upper with a chunky, platform sole. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but I think it does, and although my taste has been veering away from platforms lately, these ones have managed to pull me back in. And it’s all because of those curves...

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  • This shoe has everything I hate in shoes – hidden high platform! lace! ankle strap! And yet all the elements make a very compelling whole. I am kind of floored.

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