Five reasons to love shoe boots: and these ones in particular

gold shoe boots

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Dorothy Perkins shoe boots, £39.99

I love shoe boots: so much so, in fact, that last winter they replaced my beloved over-the-knee boots as my preferred cold weather footwear. I’m pretty sure the same thing will happen again this year, too, and here’s why:


Shoe boots are the perfect shape for trousers AND skirts. Because they hug the foot so closely, you don’t have any of those annoying “gaping ankle” issues that are so often the case with ankle or knee boots, and you also don’t have to worry about the edge of the boot interfering with the hem of your trousers or dress. Hand up who hates that “jeans awkwardly ruched around the top of an ankle boot” look? Shoe boots (I refuse to call them “shoots”…) also put an end to the eternal “jeans tucked in or jeans left out?” debate: that’s reason enough to love the shoe boot.


Because they cover the whole foot, they’re warmer than shoes…


… but not as warm as knee boots – which means they’re not as bulky either, and therefore more comfortable to wear.


Speaking of comfort, shoe boots are also the heels you can wear even if you don’t normally wear heels: because the shape anchors them securely to the foot, they can be easier to walk in than slippery pumps or sandals.


The low-cut fronts show the maximum amount of leg possible for a boot, thus making them less likely to create the illusion of “cankles”, or to make your legs look stumpy. Oh, and if you’re a tights-lover, they’ll let you show off those, too.

how to wear shoe boots

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As for these shoe boots in particular, there are a couple of extra reasons to love them. The first one is the gold upper: super-versatile, and as close to “nude” as it gets, so it works with everything. Secondly, that glittered upper is the kind of thing that’ll look dressy for evening, but not TOO dressy for daytime use, too. Want one more reason? They’re just £39. If that doesn’t persuade you, nothing will…


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