Jessica Simpson ‘Britt’ t-bar summer sandals

brown platform sandals with bow jsim

Jessica Simpson ‘Britt’ sandals, $98

I’ve spoken before about my slightly grudging respect for Jessica Simpson’s shoe line. I always feel a bit embarrassed about liking “celebrity” shoes (even when they’re not ACTUALLY designed by the celebrity in question), but I also feel it’s silly to be snobbish about these things, and these ‘Britt’ sandals caught my eye this morning, so here they are.

Red and mint are two of my favourite colours, but I’m actually much less keen on the bottom colourway, which I think is ruined by the strange choice of the white and grey upper, than I am on the top pair. These use a summery gingham print, in the unexpectedly NON-summery brown-and-black colours. It sounds like it shouldn’t really work, but the result is actually pretty cute, and as much I love the “traditional” red or blue ginghams (The more it looks like it belongs on a picnic blanket, the more I’ll like it…) this version is a nice change, and makes for a more sophisticated feel.

These are still nicely springlike, though, and as tan is one of my go-tos at this time of year (Well, at EVERY time of year, really), I’m sure I could find plenty of things to wear with them if I really put my mind to it.

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